Mario bourdon - general manager

Mario Bourdon
Mario BourdonForestry and Wildlife Technichian


  • Arboriculture Certificates Training & Education Canada:
    • Climbing, fall arrest and height positioning techniques;
    • Controlled tree felling at heights;
  • Certified Chain saw operator with:
    • Ontario Council for Training and Adjustment of the Workforce;
    • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR);
  • Pruning Course at Alfred College and the University of Guelph;
  • Forest Exterminator licensed under the Ontario Pesticides Act;
  • MRNO Certified Tree Marker;
  • Certified Education Program, Project Wild, OMNO Focus on Forests and Fish Water Ways Leader;
  • S100 and S200 certified by the OMNR Forest Fire Service;
  • Certified Chainsaw Instructor;
  • Stewardship Plan Approver for the Amended Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP);
  • Capture and management of wildlife;
  • Working at Heights (ASI).

Related Skills

  • Teaching the following courses at la Cité Collégiale:
    • Wildlife identification
    • Forest pathology and Entomology
    • Forest Fire prevention
  • Team Lead for the Ice Storm Relief Program in Prescott & Russell. Assigned to Larose forest, local farms and Maple stands. 
  • Forest Firefighter for the OMNR, Haliburton District.
  • Supervised students planting trees in different ecological sites. 

Volunteering and Wildlife Projets

  • Ornithological participation for the annual Christmas bird census. (Ontario Christmas Bird Count);
  • Participation in the Ontario Wild Turkey Resettlement Program in Prescott and Russell;
  • Bat inventories at Voyageur Provincial Park;
  • Ornithological surveys (Monitoring Bird Survey);
  • Preparation of study sites in Voyageur Provincial Park;
  • Bibliographic and scientific research of multiple species inhabiting our forests;
  • Creation and Presentation of ornithological workshops for groups;
  • Trail guide with groups of youth and adults;
  • Construction and installation of birdhouses and various bird species;
  • Annual Ontario Nest Records Scheme for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
Forestry Techniques

Forestry Techniques

Wildlife management Techniques

Wildlife management Techniques

Safety Specialists

Safety Specialists

Caroline Goulet - Planning Assistant

Caroline Goulet
Caroline GouletForester- Bac. Am. For.


A member of the team since 2014, Caroline is a Registered Professional in Training (R.P.F.) who specializes in a stewardship plan for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP). Always enthusiastic, she will be able to guide you throughout the process. 

Contact me at (613) 487-2085 for more information!!


  • Bachelor of Forest Management at the University of Moncton, Edmundston Campus;

  • Certificate of Technology Program in Forest and Wildlife Environment from la Cite;

  • Arboriculture Certificates Training & Education Canada:

  • Climbing, fall arrest and height positioning techniques;

  • Tree Dynamics & Integrated Risk Assessment;

  • Capture and management of wildlife; 

  • ISA Certified Arborist ;

  • Registered Professional Forester (OPFA);

  • Working at Heights (ASI).
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