Mario bourdon - general manager

Mario Bourdon
Mario BourdonForestry and Wildlife Technichian


  • Arboriculture Certificates Training & Education Canada:
    • Climbing, fall arrest and height positioning techniques;
    • Controlled tree felling at heights;
  • Certified Chain saw operator with:
    • Ontario Council for Training and Adjustment of the Workforce;
    • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR);
  • Pruning Course at Alfred College and the University of Guelph;
  • Forest Exterminator licensed under the Ontario Pesticides Act;
  • MRNO Certified Tree Marker;
  • Certified Education Program, Project Wild, OMNO Focus on Forests and Fish Water Ways Leader;
  • S100 and S200 certified by the OMNR Forest Fire Service;
  • Chain saw course Instructor;
  • Stewardship Plan Approver for the Amended Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP);
  • Capture and management of wildlife.

Related Skills

  • Teaching the following courses at la Cité Collégiale:
    • Wildlife identification
    • Forest pathology and Entomology
    • Forest Fire prevention
  • Team Lead for the Ice Storm Relief Program in Prescott & Russell. Assigned to Larose forest, local farms and Maple stands. 
  • Forest Firefighter for the OMNR, Haliburton District.
  • Supervised students planting trees in different ecological sites. 

Volunteering and Wildlife Projets

  • Ornithological participation for the annual Christmas bird census. (Ontario Christmas Bird Count);
  • Participation in the Ontario Wild Turkey Resettlement Program in Prescott and Russell;
  • Bat inventories at Voyageur Provincial Park;
  • Ornithological surveys (Monitoring Bird Survey);
  • Preparation of study sites in Voyageur Provincial Park;
  • Bibliographic and scientific research of multiple species inhabiting our forests;
  • Creation and Presentation of ornithological workshops for groups;
  • Trail guide with groups of youth and adults;
  • Construction and installation of birdhouses and various bird species;
  • Annual Ontario Nest Records Scheme for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
Forestry Techniques

Forestry Techniques

Wildlife management Techniques

Wildlife management Techniques

Safety Specialists

Safety Specialists

Caroline Goulet - Planning Assistant

Caroline Goulet
Caroline GouletForester- Bac. Am. For.


A member of the team since 2014, Caroline is a Registered Professional in Training (R.P.F.) who specializes in a stewardship plan for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP). Always enthusiastic, she will be able to guide you throughout the process. 

Contact me at (613) 487-2085 for more information!!


  • Bachelor of Forest Management at the University of Moncton, Edmundston Campus;

  • Certificate of Technology Program in Forest and Wildlife Environment from la Cite;

  • Arboriculture Certificates Training & Education Canada:
    Climbing, fall arrest and height positioning techniques;

  • Tree Dynamics & Integrated Risk Assessment;

  • Capture and management of wildlife.

James McDonald - Climber

James McDonald
James McDonaldArborist


Member of the team starting in Spring 2018. James grew up cutting firewood with his father and can use those experiences to help you with your tree issues. He is willing and able to answer any questions you may have about your trees or forest. 


  • Arboriculture Co-op Certification from Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario

  • Urban Forestry diploma from Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario (in process)

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